Our Vision

The Future Smart Inclusive School Vision

The Future Smart vision is to ensure that all preschoolers receive opportunities of receiving quality education alongside their peers, regardless of their abilities and needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is an inclusive school?
A. An inclusive school is one that welcomes ALL students. This means children of all backgrounds (race, ethnicity, religion etc) and abilities can be enrolled at the school.


Q. Do you allow children with special needs in you school?
A. We absolutely do!


Q. Do you enrol neurotypical kids?
A. Yes! We Do!


Q. How does Future Smart Inclusive School manage children with special needs?
A. Our school has specialized staff to address the unique needs of children.


Q. How can normal and children with special needs be taught together?
A. Well, it requires well trained staff, a lot of effort and a great big heart. At Future Smart Inclusive School, we understand that each child learns differently, and we go out of our way to help each child.


Q. Do you have branches in other cities?
A. No. Just the one – humari koi aur branch nahi


Q. How much do you charge per per hour?
A. Future Smart Inclusive SCHOOL does not offer individual sessions. This is a school, all interventions take place in the classroom.


Q. What is your fee?
A. We can’t tell you the fee right off the bat, because each child has unique needs and our fee is tailored to the child’s requirements. Please call us for details.


Q. Can parents visit the school at any time?
A. They CAN, but they may not. We only meet by appointment (please call or WhatsApp to set up an appointment).


Q. Are parents allowed to sit in during their child’s therapy?
A. That’s a no. Future Smart Inclusive School absolutely does not allow parents on the premises while the school is in session.


Q. Why aren’t parents allowed in the classes?
A. Future Smart Inclusive School follows global best practices. These have been developed well seasoned professionals and leaders. We follow these rules and have so far reaped extraordinary results.


There is also the matter of privacy. We are very strict about confidentiality and privacy, so we don’t allow random people to peek through doors and windows to look at children entrusted to us.