25 Mar

Inclusive & Empowered: The Future of Education

  Inclusive education isn’t just a buzzword. It’s an educational revolution!   Imagine a classroom. It’s buzzing with diverse voices and perspectives. Students with different racial and socio-economic backgrounds, learning styles, and abilities collaborate as they create a vibrant tapestry of knowledge. This isn’t a utopian vision of the future. It’s the very heart and […]


18 Mar

Celebrating World Down Syndrome Day

  Every year on March 21st, the world celebrates World Down Syndrome Day. This day is dedicated to raising awareness about the chromosomal condition caused by an extra copy of chromosome 21. Today, we will dive down to discuss its prevalence, the challenges faced by individuals and families and factors contributing to its occurrence. We’ll […]


12 Mar

The Communication Code: Effective Strategies for Your Students with Special Needs

  Therapists and special needs educators buckle up, because we’re diving into the world of communication with our incredible students with special needs. ⁤⁤We all know the importance of fostering clear and effective communication. But for these learners, traditional methods might not always hit the mark. ⁤   ⁤Today, we’ll unpack a toolbox brimming with […]


11 Mar

The Tough Stuff: Why Denial About Autism Hurts (and What You Can Do)

Let’s face it, parenting is a rollercoaster. Throw in a diagnosis like autism, and it’s normal to feel overwhelmed. But sometimes, all these overwhelming thoughts and emotions can morph into denial. We all want the “perfect” kid, the one who aced all their milestones and fits neatly into a box. Autism messes with that picture, […]


6 Dec

Working Mothers: A Balancing Act

            For millions of working mothers, balancing a career and family can be a daily juggling act. Striking a balance in both these spheres can be fulfilling and challenging at the same time.    Working Mothers vs Stay-at-Home Moms The debate about raising better children has spurred a significant battle. […]


25 Oct

Against All Odds: A Story of Hope

   “He was writing independently”   That was the message accompanying a short video from a teammate. There are few people who would be moved by the words above. Yesterday afternoon, I was moved. It was a goosebumps moment. And might I remind you, goosebumps happen when you experience a strong emotion (among other things). […]


6 Oct

Succeeding with ADHD: The Michael Phelps Story

Succeeding with ADHD is no easy feat. Michael Phelps’ success story is part of our efforts to raise awareness about ADHD.     Swimmer Michael Phelps is the most decorated Olympic athlete of all time. Some would call him the greatest athlete in history. He has appeared in four Olympic events (2004, 2008, 2012 and […]


3 Oct

When Mothers Harm Their Kids

  This is a strange story. The contents of it sound as if they are from a psychological thriller. But they are true. Names have been changed to protect identities.   Several years ago, Hafsa, a young mother of four children approached a high-end private school to enrol two of her middle children. The eldest […]


26 Sep

Investigating ADHD

ADHD Awareness Month is commemorated every year in October. The purpose is to raise awareness about the disorder and to dispel common misconceptions.      Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, widely known as ADHD, is a common neurodevelopmental disorder affecting children and adults. ADHD is a lifelong and debilitating disorder that impacts many aspects of life […]


5 Sep

My Story: No Shortcuts for Autism

Sometimes, we learn the hard way that there are no shortcuts for autism. This is an account of just one of the harrowing tales. A reader of our previous blog, “Do Vaccines Cause Autism?”, shared her story. Names (when and where they appear) have been altered to protect identity.     No Shortcuts for Autism […]