24 Feb

New Beginnings

  In the late 1990s, I moved to Canada. Soon afterwards, I received my teaching license and began working in a school. The schools in Canada were a far cry from my teaching experience in Pakistan. I was not prepared for the culture shock within the education system. It was then that I heard whispers […]


21 Feb

Our Story | Future Smart Inclusive School

Beginning of a Dream One sunny day in Islamabad, that reminds me a lot of inspirational, coming-of-age, two-women-setting-out-to-change-the-world, larger-than-life movies, we (Arzoo and myself, your’s truly Noor) drew the initial mind map for Future Smart Inclusive School on a crumpled, coffee and lipstick-stained napkin. Well, except we weren’t characters in a movie and we didn’t […]


19 Feb

Future Smart Inclusive school

The dream, the idea and the vision.   What we offer, what makes us different