1 Jun

South Asian Parenting: A Rough Guide

    Parenting practices vary widely across cultures, reflecting the unique values ​​and traditions that shape each society. South Asian Parenting is rooted in a rich picture of heritage and customs, and takes on a distinct flavour that emphasizes family ties, discipline, upbringing and traditional values. In this blog, we dive into the intricacies of […]


29 Mar

A Mother’s Journey

  My name is Hina Khan and I am from Hyderabad, Pakistan. I’m about to narrate a mother’s journey – my journey. My son, Muhammad Khan, was diagnosed with ASD when he was just eighteen months old.   I noticed that my son had stopped responding to his name and had begun to ignore social […]


17 Mar

Supermom: Autism Parenting in Pakistan

About the Contributor: Alyna Baig is a mom of two amazing boys. Her eldest son is on the Autism Spectrum. She founded Autism Resource Group on Facebook, which is one of the largest online communities for autism parenting in Pakistan.    My Journey As a mom of a child with autism, my journey has been […]