1 Apr

6 Reasons Moms Should Not Be Their Child’s Therapist

  There are good reasons why we think moms should not be their child’s therapist! We are sure we will receive flak for this hot take. But truth must prevail.   Autism, ADHD and other disorders are complex. To manage them effectively, children need someone with  specialized knowledge and training. Parents, specifically mothers, play an […]


22 Mar

My Story: The Lost Boy

  Autism and special needs education is just beginning to gain traction in Pakistan. However, children born with autism are not new. It’s sad to think that as recently as a decade ago, children with special needs were completely ignored, and their existence shut off from the rest of the world.   We asked people […]


24 Feb

New Beginnings

  In the late 1990s, I moved to Canada. Soon afterwards, I received my teaching license and began working in a school. The schools in Canada were a far cry from my teaching experience in Pakistan. I was not prepared for the culture shock within the education system. It was then that I heard whispers […]