Kids Embarrassing their Parents

kids embarrassing their parents


Kids do and say the funniest things. While they’re happening, they can also be embarrassing. Kids embarrassing their parents isn’t new. It has been happening since the dawn of mankind, and it will keep happening.


We asked parents to share some funny stories with us. They shared the embarrassing ones. It’s good to know that parents can look back at these events with good humour. Here are a few things people shared with us.


The Failed Kidnapping:

My 6-year-old son is mostly a well-behaved child. But one day, as my husband and I were buying groceries, he had a tantrum about drinking an energy drink, which we never allow. My husband picked him up, and we tried to quickly get the necessary items as our son cried loudly. Near the check-out counter, there was a small queue. Our son chose the moment to yell loudly, “I’m being kidnapped,” and “Save me”. My husband, who enjoys bodybuilding and is a big fellow, turned red. As a result, he hurriedly took our son to the car while I was left standing awkwardly to pay for our stuff.


kids embarrassing parents


The Observant Child:

I was buying feminine hygiene products at a supermarket once. My daughter, who was 4 years old at the time, was with me.  She announced to the entire shop, “mama is buying diapers”. I wanted the earth to swallow me.


kids embarrassing parents


The Exaggerator:

My husband quit smoking when our son was 7 years old. He told everyone in his class (including the teacher) that his father had quit drugs.


The Truth-Teller:

I wanted my 3-year-old son to speak the truth and always encouraged him to do so. One day I was late to drop him to school because I had a bad stomach. At the school gate, my son loudly announced to the gatekeeper, “Mama has diarrhoea!”. What was I thinking?


kids embarrassing parents




Truth-Teller Part 2:

My colleague invited my family to dinner one day. As we were settling down after the initial meet and greet, my middle son exclaimed loudly, “This is just like our house. But our house doesn’t stink”.



The Wrong Order:

When my youngest daughter was born, my son (4 at the time, middle child), cried and cried. My husband and family thought that he may be feeling envious. When we insisted, he told us, “You placed the wrong order, send her back. I wanted a brother”. When we tried to explain that wasn’t how things worked, he cried more and said “We’re not going to order anything from this app”.



The Justice-Oriented Kid:

Years ago, when my nephew was about 4 or 5, he learned the concept of heaven and hell at school – good people go to heaven, and bad people go to hell. My sister was having a rough time and was extraordinarily strict with the children. After coming home from school, he told his mother, “Mama, I’m worried for you. The teacher said only good people will go to heaven”. We all laughed.


Readers can share their funny/embarrassing stories in the comments below.


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